As the seas rose, she grew a respiratory system in the lab. A new kind of selkie, she replaced her old lungs, and made a life in the depths.

Carbon monoxide has long been classified as a substance that is toxic to mammalian tissue in high concentrations. Yet this classification may soon be turned on its head. At the Marine Mammal Society in late 2017, researchers presented their discovery that the high accumulation of carbon monoxide in the blood helps elephant seals make deep ocean dives. This discovery has major implications for biomedical research into human organ transplants. Diving deep into this research, Gabrielle Bleu breathes new life into the Celtic selkie myth. Could this be how humans escape the consequences of climate change? // Alex Massey

//Gabrielle Bleu @BeteMonstrueuse deepest fears are dogs and the ocean. She enjoys talking about bats, and old things buried in archives.//

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