What is the Vault?

The Vault began as a collection of Twitter science-fiction based on research articles by Alex Massey, published @tinystoryseeds. Inspired by the Global Seed Vaults, Alex sought to create a collection of stories, sourced from the imaginations of a diverse collection of writers. Today, the Vault has grown into an independent publisher of micro-science fiction, with writers and readers from all over the globe.​

Our Team

Curator & Editor


Alex Jane Massey (they/them)

Alex Massey is a writer, editor, historian, and researcher from Sydney, Australia. They currently reside there with a cat, a cat lady, and a Canadian. Their work has appeared in ADDitude MagStory Seed VaultArcher MagazineLove Letter Podcastand Fifty Word Stories. They can be found hiding behind decorative foliage at parties or on Twitter @angry_pidgey.


received_738552779827615Jacinta Bowler (she/her)

Jacinta Bowler is a Melbourne-based science writer and podcaster. She has written for SBS, ABC, Brisbane Times, and is currently working as a writer and fact checker at ScienceAlert. She fact-checks people at parties and drinks more tea a day than any mere mortal could handle. Find her on Twitter @jacinta_bowler.

Support Us

At this stage in our growth, the Vault finds ourselves at a point where we must plan for a sustainable future. Our costs are growing – we’re paying for over 100 stories a year and with plans to publish an anthology in the works, we need to begin thinking about our income stream.

We could add a paywall or ads to the site, but frankly – I hate both those options. They disrupt the reader’s experience and don’t match our ethics of diverse and accessible fiction. We’ve decided to pursue two avenues to receive donations – Patreon & Ko-Fi:

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