“Reboot me,” xe said. “I promise I’ll be, I’ll be, I’ll be.”

 It is not often a writer sends us a story which makes me go back and fact check a previous story seed. Today, Rivqa Rafael has succeeded. Earlier in the year, we published a story based on the report that Facebook bots had invented their own AI, the researchers, panicked, and shut down the project. This was innaccurate. The lead author of the study, Mathew Lewis, had this to say: ‘There was no panic, and the project hasn’t been shut down. Our goal was to build bots that could communicate with people.’  Many thanks to Rivqa sending us the Snopes article and reminding us that, above all, science must re-evaluate our results based on new evidence. // Alex Massey

//Rivqa Rafael (@enoughsnark) is a queer Jewish cyborg who writes speculative fiction and edits sciencey things.//

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