The Freezers hacked the soletas, positioned them over the Indian Ocean. The thermohaline circulation shut down. By the time they caught them it was too late. The ice age had begun.

One part science, one part fiction, this story by Wim Vanderbawhede falls within a sub-genre of speculative fiction called ‘ecopunk’. Inspired by his work with Prof. Hameed on building a simulation for the connection between the Indian Ocean Dipole and the El Nino Southern Oscillation, Wim weaves together climate science and fictional technology (1) to chilling affect. Given the connection between the IOD and El-Nino already affects much of Australia’s agricultural industry, is┬ásuch a story truly villainous in a world slowly warming?

(1) The soleta is a disk in space to reduce received sunlight as a way to counteract global warming, inspired by technology in “The Night Sessions” by Ken MacLeod.

//Wim Vanderbauwhede (@wim_v12e) is a computing scientist working on acceleration of climate simulations.//