Those free from contamination are wired into coffins. We pitch ourselves beyond our biosphere & hope for one final technological success.

For all the silence in the cosmos, it seems that theorists cannot stop making noise about the implications of Fermi’s Paradox. Mathematician Daniel Whitmire once thought this silence indicated humanity lagged far behind – but now he wonders if instead, we’re just average.  If we are typical, Whitmire suggests, it follows that species such as ours go extinct soon after attaining technological knowledge. Rae White takes this discovery and ponders the result our extinction – will we upload ourselves as soon as we are able? // Alex Massey

//Rae White @wings_humming is a tired writer who loves naps & rabbits. They recently won the 2017 @artsqueensland Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize.//


Princess Philodendron glides up sunlit steps to the masquerade in hir dress awash with pink variegation, hir mask a cotton-candied shroud.

When you look through a garden, you may see the Philodendron erubescens ‘Pink Princess’ is a climbing perennial plant with pink variegated leaves. Botanist Simcha Lev-Yadun suggested that some patterns of leave variegation may be a part of a defensive ‘masquerade strategy’. Taking this concept and combining it with fairy tale fantasy, Rae White weaves an enchanting story.

//@wings_humming is a non-binary poet and writer from Brisbane. They’ve been published in @slinkchunkpress, @corditepoetry and others.//