This is your granddaughter, talking to you from the future. You died a year before we invented immortality and artificial afterlife.
I’m so, so sorry. It was so close.
I love you.
Goodbye, forever.

I’ve been thinking about how my generation is seeing sci-fi become reality. Flying cars, wing suits, independent robot warplanes, AI, immersive virtual reality. Increasing our lifespan using science now seems possible. Immortality has already been discovered in nature. We know that certain jellyfish species can revert to infancy due to injury or ageing, repeatedlyVirtual reality programmers and cryonics groups are testing new methods of cheating death and making a VR afterlife. But I have to ask – by how much will we miss this discovery? I’m struck by the tragedy that my generation will have passed just as it becomes more than theoretically possible.  // Personal Statement by the Author

//Luis Mina is a hardcore comics fan and comics writer, amateur standup comic, writes essays about our science future at Medium, and tweets at @Mallinz.//