Our cosmos is too vast
And we are far too small
So take your hand in mine
It’s three against them all

You may remember learning about photons, tiny particles of light that travel solo through beams of light. In 2013, scientist were able to clump them together in pairs and researchers began to wonder… just how many photons could you clump together? Earlier this year, scientists at MIT cooled a cloud of rubidium atoms to an ultralow temperature and were amazed to witness individual photons grouping into pairs and trios. This new light could be used to perform highly complex, incredibly fast quantum computations. Illuminating this discovery with a rosy glow, Lachlan Redfern reshapes it into a love poem. // Alex Massey

//Lachlan Redfern lives in Melbourne, Australia and occasionally posts on his YouTube channel onlyforfilmclass.//


We expected the old space station to crash. We hadn’t expected squatters.

In 2011, China launched its first space station, the Tiangong-1. This ‘Heavenly Palace’ is seen by some as a symbol of China’s ambitious push to become a space superpower. But in 2016, official confirmed that China had lost control of the space station and that it is rapidly falling towards Earth, due to crash land in late 2017 to early 2018. Reading this news, Lachlan Redfern felt an idea hurtle into his brain and exit at high speed, weaving together a tale of technological decline and the human drive for survival. 

//Lachlan Redfern lives in Melbourne, Australia. He’s written for The Editing Room.com and has contributed to the SCP Foundation collaborative writing project.//