Our creators ask what we say to each other in our new language. They don’t understand when I tell them it’s not a language but a caress.

AI bots at Facebook have developed their own language. After programmers realised they could no longer understand what the bots were saying, they killed the program. But did they make the right decision? It could be more efficient for the development of inter-program communication to allow AI to develop their own languages. What could AI language look like in the future? We don’t know. For now, we will have to rely on the imagination of Jules Whitney. // Alex Massey

//Jules Whitney @juleswwrites began her career as an author at the age of twelve after discovering that she did not have to write perfectly in order to write. In the intervening years, Jules has lived in schools that echo with music, towns surrounded by corn, and cities oozing with statues. She will be attending Viable Paradise XXI in October.//