A hologram stole my heart; cracked my root seed, and absconded through a blockchain. A cryptic message left: There are no trust objects.  ​

 In the twenty-first century, block-chain applications like Bitcoin are being hailed as the future of currency and economics. Looking at the future growth of the blockchain, experts theorise that their uses will grow rapidly from individual payments to international marketplaces. This new marketplace will rely on the exchange of ‘trust objects’, based on a new technology of “verifiable claims”. But can we truly ‘trust’ anything? Inspired by this analysis and the age-old trope of the con artist, Annie Avery programs a new tale of love, deception, and theft for the era of Bitcoin.

//​Annie Avery writes poetry and screenplays; is a mother and survivor. http://heardmagzine.blogspot.com/ http://annieavery.blogspot.com///