After a last, convulsive bout of childishness, humanity finally grew up. The huge red warning sign, marking their system off-limits, was turned off.

Just south of Jupiter’s equator rages the Great Red Spot, a storm that could swallow several Earth-sized planets. First seen in the 1800s, the Great Red Spot is one of the most recognisable features of our galaxy. Yet,  this Great Red Spot may soon become the Great Red Circle Memory, as NASA’s planetary scientists observe that the spot is rapidly shrinking. Inspired by this shrinking storm, O. Westin weaves it into a coming of age for Earth. Could the disappearance of the Great Red Spot signal the end of our adolescence? // Alex Massey

//O. Westin (@MicroSFF) has written thousands of seed-sized science fiction and fantasy stories on Twitter since 2013.//

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