On that wintry afternoon, my date peered up at the cloudless sky and asked, “What’s the umbrella for?” “Just wait,” I said. We passed beneath the branches of an American Elm. It was raining iguanas.

As frigid Arctic-like temperatures circulated around parts of the United States and Canada at the start of 2018, Christopher A. Jos found himself shivering with inspiration as he read of frozen iguana’s falling out of trees in south Florida. Hold your scepticism – as the mercury approaches zero (and even drops below it) certain reptiles and amphibians become immobilised. They may look dead but as the temperature warms up, so will these critters! Combining the natural ability of the North American wood frog to survive winter despite being frozen solid with this news of a sudden iguana rainfall, Christopher creates the perfect first date for a speculative science fiction writer. 

//Christopher A. Jos is a teacher who has also spent time working for both municipal and provincial parks services. Find him at https://christopherajos.wordpress.com, or on Twitter @ChristopheAJos.//

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