“Park in front of Hussein’s,” I told the car.
“It doesn’t exist,” it replied.
“I can see it, there.”
“Sorry, destination not found. As you can see on the map, there’s nothing there.”

When I moved to Manaus, I realized that many places weren’t listed on Google Maps, and there’s no sure way to list them. And Google listings are, like anything online, vulnerable to tinkering (and corporate whim), which can fail restaurants, for exampleIf driverless cars become commonplace, maps provided by internet-based, monopoly-like companies can render people and places invisible. // Statement by the Author

With the potential for misuse for Facebook and other social media already well known, how long before Rodrigo’s suggestion becomes reality? At Story Seed Vault, we think it’s far closer than this sci-fi piece might suggest…. // Alex Massey

//Rodrigo Assis Mesquita is a mostly strong-willed SFF writer from Brazil.//

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