Inchoate beings in the Corvus constellation wrap beaks around space-time, creating parabolic curves to hook succulent temporal anomalies.

On Earth, scientists have found that crafty ravens make tools such as hooks to scoop up food at a faster pace (as the only non-human hook-making animals in the wild). Meanwhile, in the Corvus (raven) constellation, D. A. Xiaolin Spires’ inchoate beings are displaying the same complex brainpower and engineering capacity to signal intelligent life. As we’ve seen in past stories, ravens are known for their intelligence, able to recognise faces, and more. Who knows what else their parallel raven constellation brethren could do? 

//D.A. Xiaolin Spires manufactures hooks using her sharp beak. Work in Clarkesworld, Analog and Fireside. @spireswriter//

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