Hi! Don’t be silly! You didn’t seem ‘a bit slow’.
I was tired too. Yes, you always cook pasta. 😉
Call me when you install the CO2 scrubbers.
P.S. It’s ‘sorry.’

Climate change has featured heavily in popular media as one of the greatest risks to humanity in the 21st century. As increasing atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide escalate and drive climate change, we may have more to worry about than just rising sea levels and increasing temperatures. High levels of CO2 are known to decrease our cognitive function and if elevated enough, prove toxic to humans. Horrified by this research, Nathan Williams decided to put a humorous twist on a terrifying future. Will access to carbon scrubbers and improved cognitive function become the new divider between the classes?

//Nathan Williams is a journalist and climate communications person and has spent the last 8 months writing his first novel. Twitter @New_Nathan//

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