“I think they’re ready,” she said, and jumped up to check the incubator. Four tiny, luminous universes glimmered back at her.

In a lab she was consulting at one day, Kit Greenhouse looked down and saw keys to worlds in brain cells grown in Petri dishes. This incredible moment spiraled out of control in her brain and inspired this story. In what Jon Hamilton described as the ‘weirdest and coolest advance in brain science’, scientists are now able to grow mini-brains in labs. These minibrains could lead to greater knowledge of brain development, better testing of experimental drugs for brain diseases and viruses that affect the brain. Whatever the outcome, Kit confirms that these brain cells ‘really do glow under the right lights, and they’re pretty incredible’.

//Kit Greenhouse is an autistic public health professional who somehow ended up writing speculative fiction. Tweets at @kitwritesthings & @pseudelight.//

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