105 | 2nd Place

“Didn’t think I’d see you here again. Relapse?” The bartender at the Virulent Virus raised an eyebrow. “The usual?”
I grunted.
He slid over a Flutini.

This story was awarded 2nd place in our 48 HOUR FLASH FICTION CONTEST. We typically associate viruses with death, disease and malware. In short, nothing good. This year’s flu season has done nothing to redeem our perception of this infective agent. So when I read how researchers could potentially use genetically-modified flu viruses to cure cancer, I wondered if staving off this disease could be as simple as downing an influenza-infused martini in the future. Perhaps, like how our ancestors tamed fire, something once-thought deadly will revolutionize humanity. // Personal statement by the Author

A SCIENTIFIC NOTE FROM THE JUDGES: Ingesting influenza would probably ‘kill’ it in your gut. However, there are viruses that do use ingestion as their route of transmission like adenovirus, which are also being explored as a cancer treating agent. We have allowed for creative license in this story as it is important to highlight positive uses for viruses.

//Bijou Lin is current on all her shots, of both vaccine and vodka variety.//

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