104 | 3rd Place

The DNA sequence on his dating holo stops her. Oh, yes, she needs some of that. She’ll use a new tube of viral lipstick for this heist.

This story was awarded 3rd place in our 48 HOUR FLASH FICTION CONTEST. Researchers at Capital Medical University in China have recently come one step closer to genetically engineering a DNA vaccine for dengue fever. A major health concern in Asia and Africa, dengue fever may spread throughout the Mediterranean in coming years as temperatures climb due to climate change. Yet, researchers aren’t the only ones capable of genetically engineering DNA – viruses have been found to do this themselves. In 2016, biological scientists Seth and Sarah Bordensteing discovered a virus had stolen the DNA of a black widow spider allowing it to make intesticidal toxins. Megan Hippler combines this sequence to create a new take on the traditional heist and won the approval of our judges.

//Megan Hippler @MeganHippler is a Queensland-based writer from West Virginia and a former algae farmer.//

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