Chess, Go, and finally Poker were conquered by AIs. But it was Rock-Paper-Scissors that forced them to watch and learn how to understand humans.

In 2017, AI advanced rapidly when pitted against humans and other AI in strategy games including poker and Go. Able to analyse and predict human behaviour, a computer can eventually beat you at Rock-Paper-Scissors. But what does ‘understand‘ mean? And is understanding humanity really the most important goal of AI? The goals of AI are increasingly important, as China and the US draw closer to equal AI capabilities. What will prove more important to Earth – the power of individual nation states or the benefits and threats of AI to humanity? With public discussions already in progress around automated weapons, it must be asked if AI itself will fall under scrutiny.  // Alex Massey

//O. Westin @MicroSFF has written thousands of seed-sized science fiction and fantasy stories on Twitter since 2013.//

One thought on “103

  1. That’s fascinating! I wonder if it says something about humanity and tool use (scissors, rocks, paper…) or about nostalgia and childhood?

    And rock scissors paper is a game where you can keep adding more and more players, but you can’t really collude and collaborate with them (unless you cheat).


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