Jealousy of the deep dark and the attention it held grew in the carbon and iron of its core. The asteroid kept on its trajectory: Photobomb.

Ever wondered what the Hubble telescope is up to these days? Hubble is working on the Frontier Fields program,  a collaboration among NASA’s Great Observatories and other telescopes to study six massive galaxy clusters and their effects. However, some of Hubble’s images are being photobombed by asteroids from our solar system ‘like rude relatives who jump in front your vacation snapshots of landscapes‘. Like many science communicators, Science Daily’s writer could not resist the pun, and inspired Gabrielle Bleu’s story of an asteroid’s envy. // Alex Massey

//Gabrielle Bleu @BeteMonstrueuse deepest fears are dogs and the ocean. She enjoys talking about bats, and old things buried in archives.//

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