Swaths of radiation-loving fungi and roiling sun-side seas: the probe shots from tide-locked Proxima B changed Earth’s view of the Universe forever.

This story is based on the encouraging results of climate models of Proxima B, which indicate that the second planet around the “star next door” to ours could well be habitable. Would it be that surprising to find complex lifeforms there, despite the tide-locked planet and the intense radiation received from the close, temperamental red dwarf sun? Life has adapted to extreme conditions on Earth, without anywhere near as much evolutionary pressure. Either way, Proxima B is humanity’s first and best hope for discovery and knowledge outside of our own Solar System. // Personal Statement by the Author

//Matt Reardon @SpaceLawyerSF writes science fiction and fantasy, often with political themes and a humorous tone, both largely based on his experience as a lawyer and as Secretary General of a parliamentary group at the French National Assembly. //

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