Enceladus’ mysterious south pole water plumes marked the true beginning of a pioneer’s journey. Space panic crept into stasis pod dreams.

Oh, mysterious Enceladus, are you soft hearted beneath that icy shell? This is the question planetary scientist Gaël Choblet and his colleagues have been asking. Known for an icy mantle, scientists were surprised to find Saturn’s moon Enceladus has subsurface oceans and plumes of water jetting out of the surface of the moon. What could be causing this? Choblet and his team theorise that the planet has a sandy core, which causes enough friction to keep the planet warm. Sabrina Eads casts their simulation into a story of space exploration and existential dread. // Alex Massey

//Sabrina Eads is a daydreamer, reader, editor, and writer trapped in the body of a citizen of the work-a-day world.  She can be reached at @sabbysteg on Twitter or via www.sabrinaeads.com.//

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