“You’ve got to get rid of this junk.”
“But it’s art! Some of it.”
“Even art is a hazard in low orbit!”
Coming up next on Galactic Hoarders.

After centuries of arguments about the definition of art on Earth, artist Trevor Paglen is launching the debate into space! Earlier this month, Paglan announced that he plans to launch “the first satellite to exist purely as an artistic gesture” into low-Earth orbit in 2018. Known for being conceptually adventurous, this work could be an expansion of Paglans focus on global surveillance and ethics. But with a large amount of debris already floating in space, writer Mara Katz had to ask – is Paglan’s work Space Art or Space Junk?

//Mara Katz (@dialmformara) knits b/c she can’t not knit, writes b/c she can’t not write, and draws b/c she wants to get better at drawing.//

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