One hundred and thirty pinpricks barely raising an elongated “chirp!”. Our sky kens fireflies before we can see, hear, know them at all.

In Galaxy NGC 4993, two neutron stars exploded in a supernova, then were drawn into each others gravitational pull. They collided into each other at one-third the speed of light, creating one last gravitational wave. Then in October, 2017, scientists heard the echo of two neutron stars colliding, a giant explosion of matter about 130 million light-years away. Gemma Mahedeo takes this spark of inspiration and lights the way for astronomical poetry, taking an alternate route to the story seed created on this science by Dyani Sabin last month. // Alex Massey

//Gemma Mahadeo is a Melbourne-based writer, poet, and occasional musician from the U.K. She/they tweets as @snarkattack & @eatdrinkstagger.//

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