The delegates returned to the negotiating table.
“You can I I I can can?”
“Treaty not not if I you!”
Far above, the drones awaited instructions.

Deep within the halls of Facebook, two AI bots have developed their own language. Faced with undecipherable text, Facebook programmers realised that there was no reward for the bots to stick to the English language.  Given free reign to  learn how to communicate with other software,  our “smart devices” could learn to interoperate, no API required. Reading the potential for this language development to increase the speed of negotiations, Mara Katz extrapolates this discovery into a tale that could be political drama or a simple negotiation of drone traffic control. // Alex Massey

//Mara Katz (@dialmformara) knits b/c she can’t not knit, writes b/c she can’t not write, and draws b/c she wants to get better at drawing.//

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