The order came in non-natal Alsatian: cast off the civilian ships. She hesitated to decouple. Her Gramman had sung to her in that tongue.

In a recent paper in Psychological Sciences, researches from the University of Chicago found that when people focusing on listening to a foreign language, they become more utilitarian and more willing to follow orders which harmed another human being. Writer Gabrielle Bleu questions their assumption that a native language is one only acquired from family – could immigration or a declining language mean that we should look at non-native speakers as well?  Would someone who grew up around say, Alsatian, but only learned to speak it as an adult still be more utilitarian when given orders? A question well worth asking… // Alex Massey

//Gabrielle Bleu @BeteMonstrueuse deepest fears are dogs and the ocean. She enjoys talking about bats, and old things buried in archives.//


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