I left Earth to get away from her, but the galaxy had different plans. I tried to forget feeling, but galaxies are stronger. They merely BE.

It has been two decades since NASA’s Cassini spacecraft began its remarkable journey of exploration to Saturn. Last September, having expended almost all the rocket propellant it carried to Saturn, Cassini was sent on its final mission – a suicidal descent into the planet itself. An emotional Earth created tributes to the death of Cassini and today, hundreds of artists and storytellers have shared works inspired by them. The Vault is please to present Gemma Mahadeo’s story seed inspired by Cassini, a tale of travel through the universe and emotional connections. // Alex Massey

//Gemma Mahadeo is a Melbourne-based writer, poet, and occasional musician from the U.K. She/they tweets as @snarkattack & @eatdrinkstagger.//

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