At 6, he hacked into the nightmare-catcher in his skull. Viewed scans of nightmares on a screen, in awe of his mind’s dark artistry.

A neuroscience team at Purdue University scanned test subjects brains, producing blurry versions of videos they watched.  Soon enough, will we be able to watch our dreams like our favorite tv shows, share links of our dreams to friends, or show it to our psychiatrist as part of therapy? // Statement by the Author

//Zebadiah Mina is a comics writer obsessed with standup comedy & climate change. Writes at medium.com/@Zebadiah, and lives in Vancouver.//

2 thoughts on “72

  1. I don’t think we’re far away from a dream-recording device. I saw a documentary years ago showing a machine that could show very faintly and vaguely what the patient was imagining in his head. We all contain worlds when we sleep. Let’s explore those worlds.


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