Her special pet had her DNA. She went into surgery & woke up with a badly needed new organ… her pet gone. No one told her where it went.

Researchers have created the first pig-human hybrid embryos. The goal is to grow human organs in pigs, then transplant the organs to humans in need of a donor. The possibility of pigs accidentally gaining human brain cells has caused controversy. With the practice of keeping exotic pets, and relatives donating organs to each other, keeping pets who can donate organs to their owners is possible in the near future. // Statement by the Author

//Zebadiah Mina is a comics writer obsessed with standup comedy & climate change. They  write at medium.com/@Zebadiah and live in Vancouver.//

2 thoughts on “65

    • I always encourage readers to go with whichever interpretation they like best, or they think is most correct. Your opinion is equal to mine, as often writers don’t fully get all the subconscious things they put into their work, and writers have blindspots too. Having a pet queen ant would be awesome, those queens RULE OVER and birth entire colonies.

      Personally, in my head, I kept it vague on purpose. I imagined it was a unique, gene-edited organism designed to be cuter than any naturally born animal, almost like a cute pet baby sibling–since it has some of your DNA, it really is kind of a sibling. So basically, I imagined it as a cute scifi creature that doesn’t really look like any one animal, but doesn’t look too alien either (to keep the kids not-spooked). On the other hand, just calling it vaguely as “pet” also encourages the reader to imagine their own childhood pet.


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