Over beet burgers: “The team reproduced the meat allergy in a viral carrier. Just a step from weaponizing now.”
“Bioterror for world peas!”

This story was inspired by an article at Wired about a spreading meat allergy, apparently tied to bites from the Lone Star Tick. While developing a life-long meat allergy sounds pretty awful to many, Branden Linley explores the idea that another segment of the population would rejoice. Biological warfare – not to kill, but to forcibly change behaviors. //Alex Massey

//Not quite equal parts husband, father, engineer, musician, artist, and writer, Branden Linley has been dabbling in fiction since he could string together a sentence. Originally from Wisconsin, he now lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and son. He (very infrequently) blogs about writing at Writing and So On.//

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