Flash Fiction Contest: Bees

A few weeks ago, I ran a Twitter poll to decide our next themed story competition! Abuzz with excitement, our readers selected a much loved creature… BEES! I’m very pleased to announce that we have found two guest judges and will be running this contest in alignment with the dates of Australia’s National Science Week (12-20 August).

Concern over global bee numbers has lead to a surge in research interest over the past 20 years. It has also attributed to an increase in amateur beekeeping, particularly in Western Australia. The WA Apiarists’ Society, the peak body for hobby beekeepers, has seen numbers grow from 46 members in 2007 to more than 800 in 2017.

Our Judges

Dr. Clint Perry, a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at Queen Mary University of London, uses integrative neurobiology to explore the cognitive capacities of insects and the underlying mechanisms of memory, learning and emotion. His recent works include teaching bees to roll balls, and exploring positive emotions in bumblebees, which gained worldwide media attention.

Dr. Eirik Sovik is an associate professor at Volda University College. He studies the function of biogenic amine systems in insects and their relation to reward processing. Some of his recent works include exploring culture in bumblebees, and the underlying mechanisms of colony collapse in honeybees. He can be found on Twitter @EirikSovik.

The topic: Bees

We want your best micro-fiction, 140 characters or less, inspired by research on Bees. Robot bees, cyberpunk bees, gritty film noir bees that are addicted to substances – we want them all. Go forth and research!


  1.  It must be based on topics/research relevant to BEES. The more recent the research, the better. We will judge a great story with science from a few years ago  over an alright story with a study published yesterday.
  2. If the story is about BEES but the research provided is generic educational info, it will not be awarded a placing or honorable mention.
  3. The story has to be able to stand on it’s own – the science can provide context/make it more interesting, but it should not rely heavily on the science to be entertaining.


Like our Antarctic Flash Fiction Contest, we will be selecting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entrants, with 1 honorable mention per judge.

We will paying the placed winners at the rate of $5 per story. If you are happy to waive this prize, we will donate this amount to a bee conservation organisation.

Submission Timelines

Submissions open 9AM AEST Saturday August 12th 2017.
Submissions close 9AM 9PM AEST Monday August 14th 2017 (extended after a scheduling error on Twitter).
Results will be announced 1PM Sunday August 20th 2017 and the winning stories will be published over the week of August 21st 2017.

See our submissions page for how to submit and information on payments and copyrights.


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