We scan a mammoth’s mummified brain; hear screams: “Tusks fall! My bones beneath fur snap like glaciers. Hidden predator. Crack!”

Woolly mammoths are thought to be a creature of the ice age, yet evidence shows a remnant of their population survived on an isolated island until a few thousand years ago. Studies of their remaining bones have shown that the dwindling population had a significant effect on the mammoths genome resulting in ‘mutational meltdown’ and diseases like osteoporosis.  D. A. Xiaolin Spires weaves this discovery with the potential for scanning brains for emotions – could we discover how the past looked to those who lived it? // Alex Massey

//D.A. Xiaolin Spires stares at skies and wonders what there is to eat out there in the cosmos. Spires aspires to be a 3-D printing gourmand, but will happily concede with producing and consuming quixotic fiction and poetry. Her works have appeared in or are forthcoming in publications such as ClarkesworldGrievous AngelStory Seed VaultRetro FutureLONTAR and Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Her fiction also appears in anthologies such as Broken Eye Book’s Ride the Star Wind (on Cthulhu-inspired space opera); and Upper Rubber Boot’s Sharp & Sugar Tooth (on creepy and weird tales of culinary delight).//

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