Our microbial siblings huddle beneath ice and drink deep of the iron at Blood Falls. Could they tell us if red tastes the same on Mars?

The McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica are one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Yet, below these glaciers lies an ecosystem that is somehow thriving. The Blood Falls of Antarctica are iron-rich and inhabited by microbial lifeforms closely related to Proteobacteria. Inspired by this ecosystem and the panspermia theory that speculates life could have originated on Mars, Bex Shea contemplates if they could tell us more abut Mars. This story was awarded 1st Place in our ANTARCTIC FLASH FICTION CONTEST.

//Bex Shea is a writer, roleplaying game enthusiast, and monster sympathizer with a particularly weak spot for Earth’s most cunning predator, the housecat. They are on Twitter at @bexshea and online at www.bexshea.com.//

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