Flash Fiction Contest: Antarctica

In honour of Story Seed Vault’s being one month old, we’re holding our first 48 Hour Flash Fiction contest!

The topic: Antarctica

The ice is melting faster, the Green Island is getting greener, and the ice shelves are collapsing. While Earth is infighting over how best to deal with climate change, our scientists are showing us just how important Antarctica is to our planet. So, let’s give them some reading material while they wait for test results!

We want your best micro-fiction, 140 characters or less, inspired by research on Antarctica. Got a story about killer bacteria rising from the ice, cute penguins, or Antarctic scientists entranced by the Fae?  We want it!

Submissions close 5PM AEST Friday 9th June 2017.

Results will be announced 5PM AEST Friday 16th June 2017.

See our submissions page for how to submit and information on payments and copyrights.

One thought on “Flash Fiction Contest: Antarctica

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