In the eyes of a flamingo you can see the past, aeons ago when their kin ruled the land in alien forests. They watch us. And remember.

Using laser-stimulated fluorescence (LSF), palaeontologists at the University of Hong Kong have reconstructed the first highly detailed body outline of a feathered dinosaur, that could provide us with clues as to how dinosaurs achieved flight. The similarities between dinosaurs and birds are often visible in close up. This story was inspired when Ava Jarvis examined a close up of a flamingos head. With eyes like a raptor, and balding, wrinkly skin reminiscent of Jurassic Park, Ava’s flamingo could easily be related to a raptor that decided to start eating shrimp. 

//Ava Jarvis is an ink & watercolor artist. Vietnamese US citizen, trans nb, disabled, jinja shintoist, bi ace, trauma survivor. avajarvisart.com//


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